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General Overview

The Law Office of Scott Levy is dedicated to the defense of those charged with or under investigation for the commission of a Criminal Offense. With over 28 years combined experience exclusively in Criminal Defense, you are in the hands of one of the most dedicated, aggressive and hardworking attorneys in the entire Central Valley. The legal team at the Law Office of Scott Levy has an outstanding record of defending Criminal cases. Despite what crimes you are charged with, you can stand assured that with research, discovery, investigation and zealous representation, your case will be aggressively defended. Contact my office to discuss the strengths of your case and never proceed without an experienced Fresno County Criminal Defense Attorney on your side.

Our Vision and Values

Here at the Law Office of Scott Levy, we are advocates, negotiators and researchers who will aggressively and ethically fight for our clients at every stage of the proceedings. From Federal to State Judges, we have built our outstanding reputation by always maintaining an honest, and hardworking approach to every single case. Every employee at the Law Office of Scott Levy is committed to meeting the needs of its clients through teamwork and dedication.

Dedication To Clients

By constantly researching and learning the newest of technologies, we are able to deliver cutting edge strategies and defenses to help fight our cases. Unlike other firms, the Law Office of Scott Levy provides its clients with a direct contact number where they can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have dedication and passion for Criminal Defense and will stand by and fight with you until the very end.

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