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Being charged with the crime of armed robbery can quickly turn into a nightmare. Without proper representation that nightmare may just become a reality with the severe consequences that will have to be endured.

Robbery cases can result in very serious penalties. In Fresno County, robbery – and particularly armed robbery – can result in a strike and prison time if you are convicted. Long term loss of freedom, permanent criminal record, and probation are just a few of the many penalties associated with armed robbery charges. Because of the often violent nature of such crimes, prosecutors are notoriously aggressive in their attempts to secure convictions in armed robbery cases. If you are charged with robbery or armed robbery, you will want to select a criminal defense attorney experienced in these types of cases.

Criminal Defense Attorney Scott Levy often seeks to suppress evidence that any weapon was involved in the alleged crime. Certain procedures must be followed precisely by police officials when a weapon search is conducted. If the procedures were not strictly adhered to, a motion to suppress evidence of a weapon may be successful. This can force the charges to be reduced from armed to unarmed robbery or larceny. Or, depending on the circumstances, the charges may be dismissed completely.

In most cases of armed robbery, the key evidence in these types of cases often requires the alleged victim or witness to pick out the accused person from a photo array or a physical lineup. If the identification of the accused was authentic and not tainted in any way, then the prosecutor can file charges against the accused and proceed with prosecution. However, if the witness was not sure, or pressured in any way by unscrupulous law enforcement officers, this may be grounds for a full dismissal.

Other factors that determine whether or not the prosecution has a case involve the preserved rights of the defendant, and that this defendant received due process. If any portion of the identification process can be suppressed, or the rights of the accused were violated in any way, the evidence may be thrown out and the prosecutor will have no case to proceed with.

If you have been charged with robbery, there are a number of defenses we may raise on your behalf, including:

  • Mistaken identity: You may have been misidentified by a victim, a police artist may have provided a bad sketch or the police may have improperly influenced the victim during the course of a lineup in which you were identified
  • No use of violence or fear: There is a big difference between theft and robbery. You must have taken property that a person was holding or that was in their "custody" as defined by the statutes
  • No use of a weapon: There may be a question in your case as to whether or not you used a weapon during the commission of a robbery. While a firearm or knife is clearly a weapon, there are other objects that may present a gray area that requires the attention of an experienced defense attorney

Because it’s common for society to stigmatize individuals arrested for serious crimes like armed robbery, those who are arrested often feel helpless, overwhelmed, and confused. However, being proactive in defending your rights and seeking quality legal assistance from the Law Office of Scott Levy are steps to take in order to help you overcome such a difficult time. An arrest doesn’t equal guilt – you have the right to a fair trial and we go into every case with winning as our goal.

If you’ve been accused of armed robbery or a related crime, you need an attorney who will fight vigorously on your behalf. For a no-cost case evaluation, please contact the Law Office of Scott Levy at (559) 549-5403.

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